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Elspeth Thompson

1. Elspeth Thompson, left portrait.
364kb JPEG at 72dpi

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photo: Michael Franke

elspeth thompson

2. Elspeth Thompson with her daughter.
2.69mb JPEG at 180dpi

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photo: Tanza Smith

  elspeth thompson with her daughter

3. Elspeth Thompson sat at table in garden.
0.97mb JPEG at 100dpi

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photo: Neil Hepworth

elspeth thompson at table in garden

4.Elspeth Thompson working in her garden.
5.32mb JPEG at 72dpi

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photo: Maayke de Ridder

elspeth thompson  with flowerss in garden

Portrait Shots

The photographers have agreed to these portraits being used as publicity shots or on contributors' pages, provided their credit is included alongside. To reproduce them any larger (with the exception of the portrait by Tanza Smith) permission must be sought from the photographers.



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